The Black Keys – Torino

It’s friday.
It’s raining.
It’s a good day to number posters.
Cause we’ve just finished to print the brand new ones for the Black Keys, for their gig here in Italy in Torino, tomorrow.
We’ve realized a run of 210 print.
130 will be on sale during the show.
And the other ones, about 60 copies, will be on sale on our webstore next tuesday, together with the ones we’re realizing for the show of TBK in Amsterdam.
The exact link will come later today or tomorrow.

So, let’s go with some pics of the poster.
As You saw in the previous thread, we printed a red color on black paper.
Second and last one is a iridescent gold.




And the final result is:


It’s a very peaceful image.
But it’s also quite disturbing.
There’s something that doesn’t come to the eye immediately, something strange.
And we like this idea.


And the final shape of the print


And the next one, the poster for Amsterdam will come out between tomorrow and sunday.
Here’s a little preview!


Watched Batman, finally. WOW!

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    una cosa favolosa

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