What a title for a thread.
Sounds weird.
But it’s to introduce the brand new art print we’ve realized for the upcoming show “Blunt Fink” that will start on december 7th in Eugene, Oregon (USA).
As I told You it’ll be a “tribute show” to Ed Roth, different artists playing around movies rendering them with a “fink style”.
We started with the idea of working around “A clockwork orange”, the movie of Kubrick You surely all know.
Then we realized it was a little obvious, at the end quite easy.
We thought about Barbarella, but it was not what we wanted.
We thought at something more weird, something extreme.
We wanted something to love, a poster to be seen like really different and eyecatching.
And we thought about the red heart glasses of Lolita in the Kubrick movie.
I think the image of this film is one of the strongest in the history of cinema.
Then we decided to go for it.
And this is what we did to complete the work.

We printed a metallic transparent ink.
And we obtained a lot of different colors with it.

Different greens and even a brown.

And here You can start in imagine where we are going…

Every time we print a green on a poster we notice how cool it’s as a color.
We should do all our prints in green. ALL

And finally, the last color.

We love this.
As You know, we like to use “Rock Art Lab” as a description of Malleus.
So we changed it in “Roth Art Lab”, a nice tribute to Ed.

And here we go with the monster!

Nice, isn’t it? How the hell can’t You fall in love with such a nice creature…

And here below the jpeg.

And the original poster.

The run is 105 pieces and 50 will be available at the show in the States.
Then, the other ones will go on sale on our website.
After the 7th of december.

And right now, on our store, You can find the new Monster Magnet print.


Lawless. Outstanding!

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