BLACK SABBATH and Blunt Fink

Of course, we all love the band, here at Malleus’ headquarter.
Of course, the first 4 albums, maybe Sabotage is a nice one too… but the first 4 albums…goddamn, they’re great.
But here, now, I just want to remind You of the Black Sabbath day related to our saturday 24th of November with a 20% off on every print You’ll buy on our webstore.

Now, apart from this, I’d like to talk about the show that is gonna happen in the USA very soon.
I know, saying the USA is a little vague… so I’ll try to be more precise.
We’re talking about Oregon, Eugene.
The show (featuring Alan Forbes, Arik Roper, Brian Ewing, Frank Kozik, Lars P. Krause, Malleus of course, Marco Almera, Rhys Cooper and Zoltron between the others) is an Ed Roth tribute that is going down on Dec 7th 2012.
It has a movie / pop culture twist and it’s gonna be rad!
This one below is the show poster.

Very nice, isn’t it?
Well, if You’re fans of Ed Roth this will be a super cool show to attend to.
And now… the question is: what movie did Your beloved Malleus choose for a fink customization?
Well, we started with an idea and we moved for another one.
You know that sometimes we like to play with images, putting together a little irony.
We did the same with this print.
And we’re proud cause the final result is one poster we’ll love to hang in our studio and home.
Let’s go, step by step, to discover something.

It’ll be a four color print and the run will be about 100 pieces.
We’ve used the new wonderful paper, the new raw one we’re getting used to.
And first color is a metallic light blue.

As You can see there’s a lot of white color.
Just think about a very famous movie poster and probably it’ll come to Your mind…

And for helping You more, look at the ink and …
Second color has been a red.
But we forgot to take pics of it…
So, let’s try to guess the movie for now and tomorrow You’ll see more.
It’s easy, c’mon!

Listening to Chrysta Bell right now.

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