Monster Magnet

Hello hello.
We’re here tonight to show You the brand new poster we’ve realized for the gig of Monster Magnet tomorrow in London.
And we’re so happy about it You cannot even imagine.
Well, we usually say we’re happy about our posters. It’s a good thing, no?
It means we like what we do.
I know, we’re the only ones, but three is better then nothing…

We’re using this new paper and the way colors react on it, is totally outstanding.
I really love it.
This is the third color, a transparent metallic gold.

Cool how we obtained a fifth color from the layer of gold on red.
Sometimes we’re sooo smart!

This is Poia checking the screen for the last color: black

The film is on the paper.
The pen is on the table.
The cat is on the chair.
Good morning, Mr Brown…

And this is the final version of the poster.
156 pieces and 102 copies went to the band.
So, doing a quick calculation, we’ll have about 35 on sale next monday.

Spine of God, what an amazing album.

Is it good?
C’mon, let us know if You like it or not.

And next one coming are 2 prints for the Black Keys (Torino and Amsterdam), High on Fire and many many more.
Stay tuned and don’t forget that this saturday coming will be the Malleus’ Black Sabbath day.
It means that from 0:00 to 23:59 of this saturday coming, all the prints will be on sale with a 20% off!
Spread it around!

Watched Looper tonight.
Totally great!

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