Back in Black.

We’re pretty busy in these days.
Lots to do and not enough time.
Drawing and drawing and finally printing.
The last poster we did, the Ufomammut’s ORO one, was realized in september.
We thought to be totally detoxified by the need of printing, that we started again.
Damn, it’s so bad to be addicted to inks.
But at the same time it’s so cool.
And now that we’ve found a new paper, an incredible one, raw and fine one, we’re double excited.
Sounds ill, isn’t it?

So, now we’re gonna show You the next poster we’re working at.
It’ll be shown to You in person in London on the 23rd of November.
And it’ll be for the 20 years anniversary of one of the most incredible albums ever conceived by human mind: Spine of God, by Monster Magnet.

It’ll be a 4 color print.
And first color is a iridescent silver/gold ink.

This is Poia checking the paper and then films on it.
Just wanted to show You how tall he is…


I know… height has nothing to do with inks, but it was a way to put more pics in the post.
I could tell You, this is Poia and look at his rings…

And here we go!

Look how the inks mix on this paper.
It’s incredible, they really pop out of it.
And second color is red


Then we’ve 2 colors left, a gold and a black.
And about Black…
This week there’ll be a very special day.
Mmmhhh… nope.
Maybe for some of You.
But, as You’ve surely noticed, we prefer the dark side of things and when we can play with it, we feel very happy.
So, a lot of people is waiting for the Black friday to save some money and buy useless thing.
Well… we have the BLACK SABBATH, of course.
To buy very cool things.
And totally useful for Your eyes and soul.
Cause on Saturday, November 24 2012, ALL the prints on our webstore, ALL the posters, Art prints, variant and even the records and whatever, will be 20% off!

Sometimes we are nice, isn’t it?


Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

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