Finally I’ve decided to come back to You.
It’s been a lot of time since the last time I’ve set my mind on this blog.
It was September, I think.
More then a month.
Much more.
Sorry. I know You didn’t miss me at all, but I did.
The fact is that I’ve been on the road with Ufomammut and I.C.O. for a month.
We spent our time seeing magnificent things.
Water, for example

Or skies.

And holes in the sky

And circles in the sky

Or simpler rainbows in the sky…

And bridges in the sky

And we saw strange things, like an old man playing piano in the night

Or pizzas with the awful names…

And we saw bad painters forgetting their paint rollers in the toilet of a boat…

And spaghetti forks for lazy people

And we met creatures we thought were only  legends…

And we gave birth to amazing rockstars

And, as always, we found the mighty heavy POZZA…

… but it’s nothing compared to the purple cakes…

And poisoned by food we discovered our real name is…

But we’ve been strong and thanks to Pentagrams…

…and Madonnas…

… and above all a great team…

… we survived.

So now, after a flu and a week spent with our friends from Belgium Sara and Benny of Orange Factory, we’re back in studio.
And we’re already working at the new Argento poster, at some posters (Monster Magnet and The Black Keys amongst others), at some record covers and many many more.
So, let’s prepare Your eyes cause a lot is coming soon.
And from tomorrow, the last Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Ufomammut posters will be on sale on our store.
So, back to normal life!

Have fun

Listening to Nate Hall – “A great River”.

3 Responses to “Finally…”

  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    UFO fuckin MAMMUT

  2. dominik diamond Says:

    Looking forward to the new Argento. I bet it will be Inferno, then comes the mighty Suspiria.

  3. Excellent! Great show in Birmingham “Home Of Metal” at the Supersonic festival.

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