We’re so busy in these days, we were forgetting to show You the brand new poster we realized for the gig of the Swans in Denver, Colorado, tonight.
By the way!
We want to say HI to our friend Lindsey Kuhn!
He’s a great artist and he lives in Denver.

So, let’s start from the jpeg of the poster.


We worked on a regular version on a wonderful brown new paper (it’s really really cool, I can’t describe it by words, You need to touch it to understand) and then a variant edition on black metallic paper.
Let’s go with pics!

First color is a iridescent metallic blu ink.

Then we did a gold ink for the regular version…

… and a silver for the variant edition.

And finally we printed a red ink on top.

Like blood!

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the variant…
Anyway, check the website tomorrow and we’ll put it on sale on our webstore, with more details about the runs (sorry, so tired now I don’t remember) and with better pics.

Watched “El ultimo Elvis”. Very cool!

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