I’ve just finished to read the new Lansdale book.
I liked it, sure.
But I still prefer Leather Maiden.
Then I’m listening to Evangelista right now, “In animal tongue”.
It’s making me really depress, I like it a lot, but I’m feeling sad…
Moreover we’re printing tons of tees for the upcoming Ufomammut tour.
We’ll leave town in a couple of weeks, looking forward to meet a lot of You guys on the road.
By the way, today it’s the release date of “ORO Opus Alter”, the second part of the new album.
You can surely buy it here or there.

Let’s talk about important things.
At the end of this week, Dark City Gallery will put on sale the new Argento poster.
As You probably know, it’s “4 mosche di velluto grigio” aka “4 flies on grey velvet”.
And we’ll start the printing process of the new one this week, so prepare Yourself cause more will come soon!


As usual, we worked on a regular and on a variant version.
Regular is on cream paper and variant is on silver one.
Run is 175 and 75 copies.
First color is a silver/beige metallic.
Beige? WTF…

Then a real silver…:-)
Can You see the difference between the 2 colors, right?


Then we did a red.
And tomorrow I’ll be back with the final colors.



More soon!

Watched Another Earth tonight.
Very very cool!

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