We have a friend called Tavor.
He’s the cousin of Poia and we started the Ufomammut’s project with him ages ago.
As many of us, excluding thumbs, he got 8 fingers.
4 fingers on the left hand and 4 fingers on the right.
Exactly like we all have, I know…
So, where I want to go?
He got 2 tattoos.
One is saying BUIO (a letter for finger) and the other one LUCE.
I’ve always liked this idea.
For You that don’t speak italian: You, the only one there… BUIO means Darkness and LUCE means light.
So, when we numbered the Art prints we did from the last Melvins Lite poster, we took inspiration from his hands.
Cause we did an Art print quite light and one very dark.
This ones here below are the BUIO ones.
We printed only 10 pieces, hand brushing colors and then silkscreening the lines.
We kept our 4 copies aside and then we offered the other 6 to our beloved subscribers.
And they were very happy about this privilege of having the right to buy Art Prints in advance.
Mmmmhhh… this is a nice way to tell You they’re already sold out… sorry.
So, let’s just look at them all HERE.


We used a lot of metallic and fluo colors on a very very heavy black paper.


And the result has been really dramatic, very powerful I think.
Well, the design itself is quite strong, this dichotomy of life and death, darkness and light is very important.
And this coloring on black background creates a powerful effect.





LUCE is very cool too.
We’ve used a new paper, a materic one, very rough, coarse kind of paper.
It’s grey and metallic colors really pop up on it.



And it’s like this:


The Melvins Lite print and Luce will be on sale tomorrow at 6 pm european time.
So, be ready for them cause there’re not so many copies!

In the meantime, we’ve started the printing process of the TKU poster, it’ll be for a charity show in LA to support the Karma Underground Project.
Check and learn more HERE
First colour is a Orange background on yellow paper



It’s all for tonight.
More soon!

Watched Snowtown.

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