Hello everybody.
Tonight (or today, depending from where You’re reading this), we’re gonna present the finished poster of the Melvins Lite.
As You know, I told You yesterday there was one color missing.
And it’s a white color.

And we used a small small screen.
Anyway, we worked on the text creating a skull image, we thought it was cool cause it’d be able to give a different shape to the print.
Like this:

Melvins Lite, Top Hat Lounge, Missoula, MT (USA) and the teeth are the date: 09092012.
Nice, uh?

And to make something even more interesting, we decided to print the skull on the left for the first 100 numbered prints and then on the right for the other 50 (or viceversa, I don’t remember now… sorry getting older got its problems).
Like this:





And this is the jpeg of the poster


Do You like it?
Let us know, comment on, c’mon!

And this one below is the first Art print, on grey paper.

The posters will be on sale on the 10th of September, same for the AP and for the other ones we’re gonna show You tomorrow!
And they’re all different one from the other!

Reading the new Lansdale in these days.
So, let’s remember this:

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