I’ve decided that today the title must be in lower-case letters.
Sounds good.
I like it.
Because this post will be full of dots, they’re small.
It doesn’t make sense, but it’s just to write something.
Ok, better to shut up and show You more pics of the Melvins Lite print.
3rd color is a red.


And it’s clear it’s a face.
But it has to be a “lite” one.

I love dots.


And after the red: black ink!

How could we work on a lighter face?
What could we do?
Simple, let’s split it in 2 parts…


An half will be full and it’ll look at You.


Then, the other part will be “empty”…



Tomorrow we’ll show You the last details, the inscription and the final shape of the posters.
And we’ll show You the Art prints.
One will be on a grey paper, very cool.
And then, prepare Your eyes cause we’ve worked on a super short run on black paper, very heavy.
Mixing silkscreen with hand paint… something like this… still looking at You!


Watched “Kamikaze girls” tonight.

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