After some weeks of hot warm weather, now it’s raining like there won’t be a tomorrow.
It’s good cause I’m sure it’ll be good after the rain, but damn…
So we’re taking advantage of this sad days of darkness (too much?) for printing and working like slaves.
The first print I’m gonna show You starting today is the upcoming “Melvins Lite” poster for their gig on the 9th of September.
It’ll be a run of 150 pieces and there’ll be an Art Print taken from it, cause we liked it a lot.
And a very special one.
It’ll be a 5 colors print and it’ll be full of dots.

First color is a blue, as You can easily notice.

It’s like a sky, but it’s not.
It could be, tough.

I like dots.

Then we printed the second color.
You’ll think “come on! have You ever known of someone printing the first color and then the third, skipping the second?”…
You’re right.
It’s impossible.
That’s why I’d like to introduce a poll.
You can win.
It’s written on the most ancient stones.

So, after this…
Gold came second.
Dots on dots, I love it.

Hope You’ll like it.
Please, enter the poll, You can win.

Watched “Female Convicted Scorpion – Jailhouse 41” tonight.
Very cool and wonderful Meiko Kaji!

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