ORO “Opus Alter”

The second part of the new Ufomammut’s album will be out in about 20 days via Neurot Recordings.
And as You know, we run a little little record label called Supernatural Cat (that cat is the one taking pictures…sometimes)
We usually realize a limited edition version of our records, handprinted, handicraft, with a different color 180gr vinyl and dvd with the visuals of the entire record.
We do this mainly cause we consider the music something not only to be listened to, but something You need to look at, to touch, to give a great value, expecially today in the digital era, where everything is loosing its importance.
And sometimes people seem not to understand this, it’s difficult that You stop and touch a piece of paper, nowadays.
it’s like we’ve lost our senses, sinking in a vortex of digital objects that at the end have the only value that are making our generation blinded.
Anyway, apart from these things, we’re here to present You the limited edition of the ORO “opus Alter” vinyl + dvd that will be in preorder from today.

The cover art is a triangular folded one, on black glittered paper printed with gold metallic ink.
The inside is black ink.

And this is the entire looking of the new album.

And this is how it’ll be

Hope You’ll like it.
If You’re in Europe, Japan, Africa, Oceania, South America, please, go HERE

if You’re in the USA or Canada click HERE


And if You have time, watch the first part video in its entirety

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  1. OMG, where’s Lu?

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