It’s a saturday morning (well… morning sounds like a big word being almost noon…), it’s warm like hell, nobody is in Town (it’s like being a ghost) and I’m writing hoping You’ll read this…
Something is wrong, but it’s ok.
We’ve finished the Black Keys print (it’ll go on sale on monday night in Copenaghen during the show and then on tuesday evening on our webstore.
So, be ready: there’ll be only a few pieces cause 90 will be at the show.
And this is how the print looks like

Setting the film to print first.

Iridescent trasparent blue color.
It should give You the idea of water.
If not… sorry.


Mirror face: find the differences!
And the final poster, here below.


Hope You’ll like it.

Watched “The First Grader” yesterday.
Very very nice!


6 Responses to “THE BLACK KEYS”

  1. Beautiful work! Now how do I get this on my wall? I would really like to purchase this.

  2. Thomas Rollins Says:

    You won’t have a time will you? US Native here, this is so fantastic but not sure what time zone and when evening is to you over there across the ocean.

  3. Did the poster ever go up? I’ve seen no sign of it on the store.

  4. I did see it go up on the site on Tuesday 8/14 (here in the U.S.), there were a few copies and I didn’t get in quick enough to snag one :/

  5. Malleus – was this poster intended to be placed horizontally or vertically?



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