It’s a period we’re receiving a lot of emails, strange and suspect ones.
It’s like all the most unlucky people of the World have started in collecting posters.
When we’ve started in having some doubt about all these requests of free prints to help these guys for their problems, we’ve discovered that we’re not the only one receiving such messages.
Look HERE.
Damn, it’s a really sad thing…

In the meantime, between an email and the other one, we’ve moved on with the Black Keys printing.
And it’s a good one.

Ahhhhh! What an incredible movie maker I am!
Or not?

So, one color left and it’ll come after the black.
You can see the print idea, I guess and I can tell You it’ll be a limited edition of 180 prints.
90 will be on sale during the show.
So, if You can’t take a plane and go to Denmark, just wait the day after for having it, it’ll be on our webstore.

Time to go to sleep now.
Tomorrow it’ll be a long day!

Watched “Cashback”.
Very very nice!

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