I must say I like to watch at the Olympic games.
But I must admit I’m not into sports that much.
Don’t know, it’s more a curiosity thing, I like to see where human beings can arrive throwing things in the sky, jumping high and running like hell… but at the end I understand just a few sports.
I’ve notice Italians are good in the “war” sports… damn, we don’t have any Mennea anymore.
Only sports of people shooting or fighting.
I’ve liked Bolt (smart guy! Partying after the winning with the swedish volleyball girls…), but who doesn’t?
But ok, as always… who cares?
At the end I’ve ended up watching on YouTube the 10 most incredible KO of Mike Tyson… I must be sadist in some way…

In the meantime, in our own small way, we’re doing a sport called handprinting.
In these last days it’s so warm that squeeges seem to be heavier… it’s like trying to move a concrete paddle on a glued screen…
But we’re so strong that we’re moving fast to finish the Black Keys print.
And here we go with another color: RED

And tomorrow we’ll show You more… we’re finishing it!
Stay tuned

Watched the Burning Plain.
Very nice

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    I wonder if heathen Urlos’ cat saw this ???????

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