When people leave town for vacation, we start in work like donkeys.
Never understood why.
Probably everybody on the planet writes us before leaving for enjoying the sun on a beach, with the intention of seeing us closed in our studio.
I’m starting in thinking that You’re scared by our bad faces, You don’t want to meet us and You panic.
So You decide to write us asking for work.
It’s ok, it’s good to have a job in a period like this, but it’s weird.
And I’ve also got the great idea of designing a custom exhaust for my bike… ahaha
I’ll keep You posted about it too if You want…

So, August will be a very busy month for Your favourite poster trio…

Apart from some book covers we’re working at, we’ve started the printing process of the first of the upcoming silkscreens.
It’s a poster for the Black Keys playing in Denmark on the 13th of August.
I’m pretty sure it’ll be a great print, we’re curious about it.
And of course You’ll think: “this guy gotta have some serious problem cause he’s always curious about Malleus’ works… and he’s one of the folks… poor guy…”.
And sure, it can be reasonable, I accept this.
But I’m curious, ok?
And tomorrow we’ll have new papers in our hands, so my f***ing curiosity is growing and growing!!!
Let’s go with the first screen.
It’s a shading print, from gold to silver.
Or from silver to gold… as You prefer, cause this poster…



So, this is the first color shade.
Tomorrow we’ll have more cause it’ll be a long printing being a 5 screens opus.
Moreover it’s warm like hell here.
You cannot even imagine the incredible struggles against our armpits…

And another problem is that I’m leaving a timeless period… everywhere I look there’s a clock keeping a different time from the closest one… at home, in the studio, everywhere I go.
So please, can You help me?
What time is it?

Watched this tonight.

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