Well, I’d preferred to talk about Hawai.
Honestly I’d like to be on a beach, relaxing under the sun, with the sea ready to embrace me.
But “unfortunately” we’re just back from a tour in Europe and we’re ready to print and work on a lot of stuff.
It’s good, I missed the inks, so it’s time to move on with new projects, including the next Argento print, a new print for the Black Keys, then another one for the Swans and then Melvins.
In the meantime we’re working on a print for the Karma Underground project, we’re very happy about it.
Thanks to our beloved friend and artist Lydiaemily!
And finally we’re preparing the new artwork for the limited edition of ORO “Opus Alter”, the second part of the new Ufomammut records, out in september.
So, stay tuned, I promise I’ll be more writer and I won’t take it to the bush.

You know, we’ve been around, playing and meeting lots of guys and gals.
And strange people…

Talk soon!

Listening to the new OM a lot.
It’s wonderful.
Listen to it HERE, on the Roadburn website

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