It’s a very very busy moment here at Malleus headquarter.
It’s summer, so it’s warm like hell and our brains melt.
Then we’re keeping on with so many stuff we don’t have enough time to put our little fingers on the keyboard to write we’re ok.
Moreover we’re leaving town in a  couple of days with our band Ufomammut.
We’ll be in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Poland, check the gigs and come to say hi.
Check the gigs HERE.
In most of the days we’ll be there with our posters too.
Then, once back we’ll do our best to come back to You and write nice posts about what’s going on.
For now, just consider we’re designing the new Ufomammut, a new Argento print, a new Black keys poster, then Swans, Melvins and many many more things…

And today, we’re happy to announce that the second part of Ufomammut’s ORO wil be out on the 14th of september via Neurot Recordings.
Check this:

So, be patient and we’ll be back soon!

In the meantime… BAD ASS!

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  1. Pilgrim Says:

    See you on tour :)

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