Summer has started with a total warm attack.
We got a humidity that is making our brains collapse, and not only ours, to be honest…
Strange things happened here in our Spaghetti Land, people seem to be involved only into soccer games, we’re turning into a ghost Country…
And apart from this, another “funny” thing is that the City of Milano, working on the 2015 international expo (=lots of money), has dropped all the plans to honour the Dalai Lama after the Chinese concerns… Damn, weird.
And we’ve Berlusconi back, while there’s a trial for  he’s accused to be involved into juvenile prostitution involvement…, he’s back trying to show how close to God he is…
So, the only good thing we could hope is to have good soccer… ahaha

Anyway, let’s talk about what we can do better, that means posters.
We’ve just realized a print for Primus gig in the USA, the last one of the serie.
And here are some pics.
No printing process today, the poster is already out, the gig has already been and they’ll be on sale tonight at 6 PM local time (Italia) on our webstore.
We printed a run of 200 pieces of regular ones.
150 flied to the States (well, not by themselves, we put them in a box and called a courier…).
So there’ll be a limited number available.
Moreover we’ve realized 2 variant versions adding a white color to the printing process and using 2 super wonderful papers.
We did a gold paper version limited to 33 pieces and a glittered black version of 38 pieces.
I must say we’re very happy about the final result.

There are a lot of metallic colors in this print, it really pops out of the paper!

And this is the regular version:

The variant on gold paper printed with a different color scheme

and the variant on black glittered paper

Nice, isn’t it?
So, remember.
This evening at 6 pm European time.
And there won’t be a lot of pieces available.
First come, first served!

Love this song. It’s stilla hit

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