I’ve got a sort of memory loss , lately.
The main problem is that I never remember what day we’re living in, both date , year and so on.
I think it’s cause of mobiles, computer and all these crap, we use them in a so massive way we’ve lost the contact with reality.
I’ve just discovered it’s the 21st of June, so tomorrow the new Argento print will be on sale on Dark City Gallery website, HERE.
And then it’ll time for the new poster we’ve realized, it’s for the Primus gig in the USA on the 24th of June.
So, please, be patient and I’ll try to get back to this World and to its times…

For now I’m just writing Your with my black cat on my side purring like there’s not a future!

Listening to the new OM song.
It’s really cool.

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  1. OM is just too good…

  2. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

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