You cannot stay out of the studio for more too much time…
Back from France and the Opera poster has been already shown.
I wanted to make You suffer, little by little, like it happens into an Argento movie.
But the print is already out.
So, I’ll show You the process, but we’ll have it all done here today.

I make a digression.
Back from Hellfest, it’s been totally rad.
The best gigs I’ve seen has been HANK III (I really could ask for more, totally outstanding) and ENTOMBED.
My gosh, they blew me away, the guys are so classy You cannot even imagine.
Great, really great.
Let’s close this digression.

I open another digression for the Italian collectors.
We’ll be at Solo Macello Fest next tuesday.
In Milano, at Magnolia.
We’ll be there with prints and records.
More infos soon.
Close this digression too.

And now, finally, let’s go with a few pics of the brand new Argento print: Opera aka Terror at the Opera.

Above the red color on the variants.
And here below the regular ones.

And now, again, the final version of the variant.

This time we used the glitter sparkling ink on the regular edition, the variant was perfect so far.

And this is how it looks like:

We’re very happy with it and now we’re already working at the next one that will be YhskiJ?+°§ cnhso *ùòskh.
Clear, no?

Entombed rules.

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