Tomorrow morning we’re leaving to Clisson, nice little city in the North East of France, Ufomammut is gonna play Hellfest on saturday.
Hope it won’t rain for all the days… Damn, weather is really weird in this period…
Now I’m pretty tired, so I’ll quickly move on showing You the second color of the upcoming Argento prints: OPERA

We’ve printed a silver metallic ink on the regular version.
The english title of the movie was Terror at the Opera.
But we’re f***ing italian guys and we always think about the italian title.
That’s probably why all of You thought  the poster was about the movie called “Malleus vs Godzilla”…

It’s a very detailed drawing, I know…

As for the variant on the super paper, we did a shade from silver to gold.
It looks very cool and it gives a great intensity to the design.

And I forgot to tell You that the blue ink You see, is an iridescent one, changing with light.
Are You getting a little excited?
Here are regular and variant on the same table.
Look at the differences:-)

Hope You like it cause now I think You’ll have to wait a few days to see the other colors.
As I said, we’ll be in France.
There’s no internet, only baguettes and Pernod there.
That’s what they told me…

Watched this one tonight.
Strange and nice. Norvegian movie!

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  1. El Padrino Says:

    Clisson is in the west dude ;)

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