I must admit You’re smart.
Even if it was quite difficult, You understood the next print in the Argento poster seri is OPERA.
It could easily  be Oinferno, but You are good experts of Argento’s filmography.
So, serious now.
If I’m not wrong we’ve about 10 days to talk about this new print, cause it’ll be on sale on Dark City Gallery website from the 22nd of June.
We’ll be out of town till next monday, so we’ll talk about it, of course, but little by little.
We’ll be in the Land of Metal for some days, we’ll be at Hellfest, in France.
Very happy cause I’ll finally have the occasion to see Hank III live.
Great great great.
Moreover he’ll play the day of my Bday, so it’ll be a great present for me.
Then there’s other bands I’ll love to see, like Refused, Entombed, no… not G’n’R… not that much…
Anyway, back to Opera.
Let’s start to talk about it.
As usually there’ll be a regular version of 175 pieces and a variant edition of 75.
This time we’ve worked on 2 great great pieces, cause we’ll have a wonderful variant and an incredible regular edition.

This is the paper we used for printing the variant edition. It’s a dark coal glittered one, pretty amazing.

And this is the first color on the regular ones, dark stains.

It’s all for today.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll post some more.
Do the good boy and I’ll do.

Hank III!

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