We’re preparing some new stuff in these days before leaving for Hellfest, in France.
Some of You will be totally eclipsed into soccer, here in Europe it’s time for the  european championship and it seems the most important thing is to see national teams playing… a ball to forget other problems… not bad.
Well, better a ball that someone (the Pope) saying that under the earthquake debris there’s the bosy of Jesus… damn… why these old guys speak?
What about the people died under the earthquake… Jesus…
Sorry, back to the beginning…
We’re printing a lot, it’s a full work period and we’re doing the Primus poster, some festival ones, the Swans and… the new Argento print.
As You can see from the title of the post, it starts with the “O”.
So, easily it could be Opera.
Or maybe not.
Let’s do the poll again, c’mon, You can win a week in the elevator with Malleus!

I think this time it’ll be easier…
Back soon with some pics and You gotta know this time we’ll have really huge differences between the regular edition and the variant.
… think there’s really people talking like that…
Back soon!

Watched a wonderful movie: The Detachment

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