Did I tell You we’re working on the fifth print of the Dario Argento serie?
And did I tell You that You’re not answering the right way in the poll of the previous post about “what’s the next poster of the DA serie”?
Or did I tell You we’re also working at a poster for the PRIMUS?
And did I tell You we’ll be in France next week?
Yes, we’ll be at Hellfest, half as tourists and half as a band (Ufomammut), to play ORO on saturday 16th of June.
The day after my Bday.
Did I tell You my Bday is the 15th of June?
Did I tell You we’ll work on a poster for the Swans?
And did I tell You we’ll be around Europe in July?
And then in October.
With a lot of posters, records an love (no, we’re not hippies AT ALL, don’t worry…) 
And did I tell You we’ve received these records last week?

And did I tell You we’ll have only 300 pieces totally white on tour with us?
Nice, uh?

Did I tell You all these things before?
Well, now You know what You needed to know.

Watched “A separation”.
Nice. Strange. Different

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