So… it’s June again.
Summer is almost here and, just like when we meet someone on the elevator, let’s talk about the weather.
It’s raining, but there’s the sun.
And earthquakes are shaking Emilia, not so far from here.
Lots of people have lost their homes, their works, everything.
And summer is coming.
Not a good year this 2012, isn’t it?
And the end of the World in december is not making things looking better…
Anyway, this post has not started very good… ahaha

Let’s talk about something else.
We met our friend Chuck from SF a few days ago, it’s been nice, we spent some time together, it’s been fun.
He’s doing some shows here in Italy. Good.
Then I’ve taken a picture of my superdiabolical motorbike.
Very cool (I know, this has nothing to do with all the things I was writing about, but I wanted to share this with You!)

I had to stop and take a picture… ahhhh the number of the superbeast!

Ok, please, forget this…
We’re mixing colors in these days, preparing our squeeges for the next posters coming.
We’ve started the new Argento.
And we’ve Primus on the horizon.
But, let’s talk about Argento.

As You can see above there are a few option (wonder if You’ll find the fake movie… ahahah)
Let’s go with the poll.
You can win.
What You can win?
Choose below

More tomorrow, as soon as You’ll have some good answers and You’ll discover the movie, we’ll move on with the pics!

Listening to the Secret right now.
Super cool band. Hope to play with them sometimes soon!

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    I’ve been in a car with Malleus talking about the weather , coffee and their cats great photography skills . I’d rather the weather .

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