I’m sorry that we don’t write that much on the blog lately.
I’d love to have more time for taking care of it, but there are a lot of projects going on and a lot to do to make them happen.
As You know, the Argento serie is sucking our time, we’ve a lot of prints to do before the end of the year and we’re starting the printing process of the fifth one in the next days.
Which one?
Guess, c’mon!

Then there’s Ufomammut, just finished the artwork for the upcoming second part of ORO (september).
And this means that we’ll be totally busy in the next months, printing and working on the limited edition, on t-shirts and merch and posters and whatever will pass through our minds…

And what about Primus?
We got it, pencils are on paper, now we need to ink and print.
Very happy with the idea, by the way.
Curious? So we are!

And then other things to do, a present for the marriage of a friend, the visuals of Ufomammut (Lu and me were sinking in mud last day trying to shot in a creek bed… ahaha), riding bikes (mmhh… this is not a job, of course, but it needs time) and more and more…

In the meantime, if You’ll check our webstore, You’ll see there are new posters up.
After Mudhoney, we put the last Jon Spencer Blues Explosion prints (and we’ve only 20 copies!).
So, don’t miss these.

Back soon.

Watched 21 Jump Street.
Really silly and I laughed a lot!

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