I think I’ll post some better pics of the brand new Mudhoney posters.
It was cool to be at the show yesterday, nice gig but the best thing has been to meet our friend “The Flyeater” after years we didn’t see him.
He’s been a great friend of us and he also played for a while in Ufomammut, so when we saw him it’s been a great emotion.
Apart from this, Mudhoney were good, even if there were too many people in the venue and we spent half of the gig looking at them playing from another room…

So, let’s go with pics and hurry up cause the prints are on sale right now on our webstore!

Regular edition is on red paper and it’s a limited edition run of 131 pieces.

Variant is limited to 50 pieces and it’s on green paper.
Now it’s time for a new Argento and Primus!

Watching to Ancient Aliens serie.
Pretty interesting!

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  1. I thought you made a tatoo out of it, cause the first picture looks like skin !
    Awesome work…

  2. Wow i found trailer made by me ;)

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