Ladies and gentlemen.
It’s a sad period here in our home Country, lately there are a lot of bad tings happening.
Bombs, guns, suicides and earthquakes seem to have become a rule.
Yesterday it’s been a really really bad day, a terroristic attack caused the death of a young girl in Brindisi (how the hell can You place a bomb in front of a school?) and then an heavy earthquake hit Emilia Romagna, a close region to where we live.
A lot of devasted places, and between them a place where we did an exhibition years ago, la Rocca in San Felice sul panaro.
But things are just things, the bad thing is 6 people died.
2 of them for an heart attack… life is really ironical. You survive an earthquake to leave this world for an Heart attack, scared to death.
Anyway, it’s so strange to talk You about silly things like posters while there’re these things happening.
But life goes on, willy-nilly.

So, let’s throw in some pics of the Mudhoney print.

and the variant edition

It’s all for today.
Better pics soon.

Listening to Old Man Gloom right now

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