More colors

The gig of Mudhoney will take place here in Italy on next 21st of may.
Looking forward to it, I grew with “Every good buy deserves fudge”, what a fantastic album.
These were great years to discover music.
We’re so pissed off today talking about piracy, downloading and such things.
Mp3 has become the main support for music and it’s so easy to have everything in a few minutes…
But if we think, it’s always been like this, different supports, same way of act…
Once we used to record our music on a tape to give it to our friends, now we share mp3…
Once we recorded from the radio, now we download folders full of music…
Anyway, back to Mudhoney… looking forward to see the live show.

We’ve moved on with the second color of the printing process, we used a dark red for the variants and a dark brown for the regular ones.

I like the posters with a small amount of colors, when they’re simple and without tons of different tints.
There’s only one ink left for this one and we’re totally happy!

Of course, the variant now!

So, is it coming out cool?

Let it slide!

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