It happens everytime.
We got a lot of visits since I don’t write on the blog.
Then, when I put my fingers on the keyboard to write,  people decide it’s better to avoid the blog…
Damn, it’s weird…

Today we started the printing process of the new poster for Mudhoney.
Looking forward to meet the band in Italy in a week.
They’ll be playing at Bloom, the venue we’ve realized a poster for in the last period (and years).
Last week we met Jon Spencer in Torino, it’s been totally cool.
The concert was amazing, a rock bomb.
Really enjoyed the night.
Just to tell You:-)

We printed the first color today.
Paper is red, very cool one.
Color was gold.

I think this will be a great poster, we really like it.
And there’ll also be a variant edition.

But now it’s time to go to relax.
Tomorrow will be an heavy day.
A warm one too.

Watched “In China they eat dogs” and really liked it!
Only found this trailer in danish with spanish subtitles…

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