It’s only…

It’s only May, so we got plenty of time for the end of the World.
At least the World we all know.
But the question is? What the hell is the World we know?

It’s only about 10 days since we’re back home and we’ven’t got the time to write anything on the blog.
But I noticed that You’re following it anyway.
So the question is? Why have I got to write if You come and watch the old posts?
I could easily reprint them.
But then I’m sure that someone could be very upset… reprintings are not allowed in this world.
At least in the  World we know… but… what the hell is the world we know?

It’s only that we’re doing a lot of packages in these days.
We’ve got a delay in shipping posters and records cause we finished the tubes and boxes and we’ve had to wait for them.
We also finished the tape, so it’s been a drama.
Not a big one, but I’m pretty sure some of You will be really angry for the delay.
We’ve shipped all!
C’mon, it’s a wonderful World, be happy.
Well, at least the World we know etc…

It’s only a few days ago: we’ve also been on the NY Times.
Isn’t it great?
We couldn’t believe it.
It’s strange cause we are in one of the most known newspaper and in our Country, nobody seems to notice we exist…
It’s a strange World.
Well, at least …*?£&!!*§°* STOP!

It’s only that we’re working on the new Argento print (guess what movie?), a new Mudhoney print, then the cover art for the upcoming second part of Ufomammut, then Primus and many more…
Busy, but we like to be busy.
It’s the reason why we’re here.
Apart from talking about the weather…

Ok, it’s time to go to sleep, before it’ll be too late

Watched “BOY A”.
Very very nice

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