We’re back in studio.
We arrived in our beloved town a couple of days ago after 2 weeks on the road with our band Ufomammut.
We met lots of great people and it’s been rad, as always.
We saw a lot of incredible landscapes

But these have not been enough powerful to fill our souls with love, not inspiring to avoid bad manners…

We saw art pieces on the walls

And we had dinners with things we could not even imagine possible

And these things brought us to strange behaviours and way of dressing…

By the way… we’ve lots of new friends!

We tried to take a picture of the infamous “Bambone del battello” (I could translate it like big monster child of the boat)…

And we slept everywhere possible.
And in every position we found good.

And we didn’t used  drugs, cause it was clear from the sign it was not good.

But it was full of mini-dogs, dangerous and poisoning like the amazonian frogs…

And we caught a cold in London.

Even if we were dressed like there was not a tomorrow…

And we had a great time with our friends of ICO!

Yes, there were aliens between us!
And they gave us one of the most incredible rainbows we’ve ever seen!

Anyway, it’s been cool.
Now it’s time to go back to poster art and we’ll have lots of stuff to do in the next hours/days/weeks/months…
So, please, stay tuned!

Watched the Rum Diary tonight.
Movie is nice, she’s better…

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