Quick part 2 – BLOOM

We’re leaving Town in a few hours, so i’ll be very quick to present You the new Bloom poster.
This year it’s the 25th birthday of one of the most known venues in Italy and we’ve realized a poster for it.
We’ve been inspired by their slogan saying: “che bloom vi fulmini” (taht is something like “cross my heart and hope to die” in english but literally it’s “God fulminate me if…”).
So, we thought about a goddess in the clouds throwing lightnings.

We worked on a regular run, on a super limited variant run (that will go mainly to our subscribers) and to an Art print.
The regular run is 128 pieces (100 will go to the venue and they’ll be on sale starting from the 25th of April).
They’re 2 colors on blue paper.

The Variant run is 15 pieces and they’re on Black paper.
Don’t know if we’ll have some on sale, it’ll depends on our subscribers.

Last ones are the Art prints, on red iridescent canvas paper.
2 colors and a run of 30 pieces only.
These ones will be on our webstore soon.

Let’s go with pics and then a very good breakfast with fried pork and potage.
My god… I think I won’t eat now…

Then the variant

And the Art print

And here below the 3 versions in their complete shape.

Waking up with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion!

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  1. Raffaella Says:

    …what if I’d love to have one?please let me know…fatemi sapere se ne aveste ancora qualcuno…grazie guys…

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