Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

We really love to work with Jon Spencer.
Lots of bands just ask for posters, we realize a drawing, we move on the printing and it’s done.
With Jon it’s different cause something different has grown during the years.
We started in 2005 with this poster here below.

It was for a Blues Explosion gig in Torino.
We thought about a woman, a skull in her eye and the band caged in her mouth.
It came out pretty cool.
It was one of the first prints to spread our name out.
During the year we did lots of prints with Jon and the great thing has always been the way He likes to be a part of the process, giving suggestions, visions and helping out till the final shape comes out.
When we started in working on the last  poster for the JSBX european tour coming in a few days, we wanted to have a bond with the one we did in 2010, the one with the mugshot.

But the result of the design was not good, so we started in thinking on something different, something that was able to bond the first print and the last ones.
And we took the idea of the cage, the prison, the blood, the european atmosphere and comics, rock’n’roll and we came out with one of our favourite posters of the last period.

Let’s go.

It’s a 4 color poster on cream paper.
150 copies will go on tour with the band and we’re printed a run of 41 copies more (subscribers will be totally happy this year, I think!).
So, the total run is 191 pieces.
First color is a red, a very dramatic red.

As You can imagine, we’re dealing with a woman’s face…

Then gold came as second color.

What we totally love of this poster is how it came out.
We did a large use of halftones, points points points.
Like the seventies comics, remember?

Blue came next

And then black.
As You can see there are lot of things coming back, like the skull eye (Jon suggested and we were totally into it), the blood tear, the prisoner (is it a monster? a lover? a human? who is he/she?), the heart in the cage and if You look at the print, even if it has a first “easy impact”, You’ll find a lot of things.
And we love the inscription in German (first time we use german language!).

And this is how it looks like

Cool, isn’t it?

See You on the road!

3 Responses to “Jon Spencer Blues Explosion”

  1. Maximo Gimenez Says:

    TRE MEN DOUS ! ! !

  2. It’s possible to exchange for a photo?:P
    Or buy it..? I’m in Argentina…!:)
    Also I have some more news of JSBX of 2011… in B.A.
    Bests! Max.

  3. Hi! I really love this poster…I saw it last year at JSBE merchandising but did not bought it this day. Since then I keep this picture in my mind. Do you still sell it?

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