Quick part one

We’re leaving tomorrow morning.
We load the van this evening, we’ve a lot of posters with us and we’re looking forward to meet You all on the road.
We’ll be in Berlin, London, Brussels and many more cities, check HERE.
So… in the last weeks we printed like hell and we’ve realized a lot of prints we’re very happy and proud about.
I’m gonna show You the last 3 we did before we’ll leave.
So, let’s start from the last one we did.
It’s the tour poster for the italian band Incoming Cerebral Overdrive.
The band will be on tour supporting Ufomammut in the European tour and they’ll present their upcoming album “Le Stelle: A voyage adrift”.
It’s a really really badass incredible record and it’ll be out via Supernatural Cat on the 5th of May.

We’ve realized a run of 109 prints and there’ll be 50 copies available during the tour.
It’s a 3 color poster on dark brown kraft paper.
We’ve worked around the cover art of the album, of course.


We started with a red color and then a silver one on top.
This layering created a 3rd color, a light silvered brown, very nice effect.

Then we used a dark violet/brown for the last screen.

Looking nice, even if this last pic is a little overexposed…sorry!
You know, my cat…
The print will be on sale soon on our webstore too, stay tuned for knowing when.
And I’ll be back very very soon with the brand new Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
A poster we really really love!


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