Time to unveil quickly everything we’ve done lately, we’ll be on the road in 2 days and we won’t be in front of these damned computer for a while…
So today it’s time to write You about the 4th Argento print.
As some of You guessed, it’s TENEBRAE.

It’s one of the most splatter movies of the italian director even if the atmosphere is very “white”.
So we tried to work on this contrast, creating the prints You’ll see here below.
Let’s go with the regular edition first.
It’s on white paper, run of 175 pieces and 6 colors.
We only used the “Tenebrae” title, latin word works better for all of us.
It didn’t make sense to write the italian “Tenebre” and then just adding an “A”, to make another title… we’re the italians but, most of all, we’re the Romans.

AFter printing a gold to copper shade, and a white (we forgot to take pics of this part of the process…) we did a very nice red.
A bloody red to render the idea of this movie.

Then we ended the prints with a black layer.

Lots of details in this print!

And this is the final regular poster

As for the variant, we worked on a run of 75 pieces.
They’re on black paper and they’re 6 colors plus red sparkling red glitter (the one that Banksy dreams of…;-P)

We’re very happy of both version, very different but both very into the movie atmosphere.

What do You think?
Do You like these?
Let us know.

In the meantime, here’s a better picture of the Ufomammut tourposters.
And more infos about the run: 140 pieces for the regular print and only 45 for the variant edition.
The variant of Ufomammut will be on sale on the Malleus webstore from the 18th of this month.
Same for Melvins print and ICO (tomorrow You’ll see it).

Ok, it’s all for today.
Stay tuned cause tomorrow we’ll show You ICO and the new Bloom!

Watched the dvd of Prodigy: World’s on fire
They’re so great!


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  2. Getting better and better. Great reminiscence to the beach sequence. :-) Quite thrilled that the red always looks like the blood in the films! Can’t wait what your visions of Suspiria or Opera might look like!

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