Saturday night fever

Printing day again, but we’re happy cause almost the entire working is finished, so we can leave for the tour with our minds relaxed.
Today we’re gonna show You the tour poster we’ve realized for Ufomammut.
It’s a 3 colors on black paper: gold, dirt white and pearlescent clear  transparent ink.
These posters will be on sale ONLY during the tour first.
And of course, our beloved subscribers will have one saved for them.
This is the jpeg of the poster

It’s been inspired by the cover of the new record, of course and moreover by the visuals Lu realized for the album.

We’re gonna number and sign them on monday, then I’ll tell You the exact run available

Then we’ve printed a variant edition that will go on sale on our webstore only starting next week.
The variant has been fixed on a heavy heavy black paper and it has a wonderful  iridescent sparkling ink more.

The variant run is quite low, about 40 pieces, but we’ll tell You more and more on monday.
Expect more to come in the next days!

Watched The Namesake tonight.
Nice, yes it was ok.

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