Damn, it’s so difficult to stay tuned in these last weeks.
Plenty of things to do and back on the road in less then 2 weeks.
Aren’t You excited?
We’ll meet very soon.
Check here, on the Ufomammut website: HERE 

And by the way, maybe You’ven’t noticed the pre-order of the upcoming record of Ufomammut has started.
It’s for the limited edition, handprinted and handicrafted by Malleus.
500 copies, clear transparent vinyl and dvd!
Where can You have one?
Check here and follow the instructions!

While working on Ufomammut, we’re printing like hell.
The new Argento is on its way, a new Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, a new Bloom, and this one below for Melvins and Unsane in San Diego.
Check here below the first 2 colors

First color is red and we printed on a tobacco paper.

Second color is black… I know, quite difficult to understand, but here below it’ll be better

I have to say that this is one of my favourite posters so far.
Really really happy with it.

It’s a totally clean design, but it seems to me everything is in the right place.
And You’ll see once finished.

And the result on this paper is amazing

Ok, stay tuned for more!

Hey! This is another video from Ufomammut upcoming record “ORO”.

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  1. Looks nice! :-)
    Will you have enough vinyl with you on tour (And XL Tees too)? It’s a question of travelling 200km to see you live or pre-ordering… ;-) Gonna get the MP3s on monday anyway.

  2. Oh, sorry, just to clarify: we’ll make that way anyway… just want to know how the chances are!

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