March… different meanings come to my mind.
First one is surely the month we’re leaving in a few days.
Then the  march of the soldiers, of the penguins or whatever You want.
Then it sounds a little like “Marcio” that in Italian is the word for “Rotten”.
Well, it’s been a hot march for Malleus, totally busy period, lots of record covers, book illustrations, posters we’re going to print in April, videos, tees, and other crap.
We’ve been so busy I hadn’t got the time to write a lot up here.
Sorry guys, I know You’ve spent the most sad days of Your lives without our posts…
But we’re back!
C’mon, smile, smile!
And Easter is coming and we’ll make You all a little present.
No, not an egg.
No, not 2 eggs…
Keep following us and You’ll know very soon.

While writing this I’m listening to Mr. Oizo “Analog Worms Attack”.
It’s still a great album.
“Inside the Kidney Machine” is an epic piece.
I love it.

We’re gonna show You very soon a lot of the new crap we’ve in our heads:
the 4th poster for the Dario Argento serie
the new Bloom poster for the 25th birthday of the venue
the new Ufomammut stuff (the limited edition vinyl, the poster, the tees, the visuals…)
the new book covers we’re realizing
the new Jon Spencer Blues Explosion tour poster
the new Melvins print
the new Mudhoney
and many many more…

In the meantime, while waiting for all these things, I suggest You to take a look at the teaser for the new ICO album “Le stelle”, out in may via our label “Supernatural Cat”

So, it seems a lot will come!
Stay in touch

Watched NEDS.
Very cool

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