A few thoughts before sleeping.

It’s been a long day.
I got my new teeth, finally.
All gold, like my grandma.
I feel good about them.
We started with our friend Vita to fold the covers for the limited edition of the vinyl of Oro, the upcoming Ufomammut new album.
Tomorrow they should be finished.
And we received the cds from Neurot too.
Looking very good, I’ll take some pics and I’ll post them soon.
The digipacks for the new ICO album arrived today too.
And they’re very very nice.
Pics soon.
We played all Oro “Opus primum” tonight and it’s coming very cool.
Happy about it.
And we received our brand new Flight cases pedalboard too.
They’re green, but not a very good one…
We’ll need to work on ruining them as soon as we can…
Then what else?
We saw all the variants of Dario Argento’s “Phenomena” sold out today.
Happy You liked it.
And also, we saw the Caracol posters are on sale here: http://caracol.ifmerch.com/en/
Then I think I should put some pics in this post but I’m too lazy to do it.
I’ll use the Earth poster again, it’ll be on sale tomorrow on our webstore.

Then I watched Ironclad, great movie.
It’s about King John Lackland and Magna Carta problems.
I saw “Magna Carta” when we played UK a few years ago.
And I remembered about John Lackland’s death…
It’s a great funny fate… check it out, I don’t want to ruin the thing.
I’m pretty sure You’ll say: “WTF!” and You’ll laugh.


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  1. Here is a couple of pictures of “Shiver”:

    Also very interesting, the inside of the Caracol “Shiver” full album (11 tracks) CD 3 panels jacket sleeve with the “Tree of Hearts”:

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