One of the most difficult things on Earth is to take a good picture of our posters.
I should say it’s quite impossible.
Especially when we’re using reflecting and metallic papers or glittering colors.
All seems flat when it’s the total opposite situation.
Anyway, just to tell You that the pics we’ll show You now are not exactly how cool the prints look like live…

On the variant edition, on silver metallic paper, we printed a sparkling glitter red ink.
See? The things sparkling, totally out of focus, are the glitter crystals…

Poia is drying the first one to check if everything is good.

Reflecting, sparkling and so on.
It’s pretty awesome.

This is the variant edition.
Run of 75 pieces.

And this is the regular edition of 175 pieces.
They’ll be on sale tomorrow on Dark City Gallery webstore. 

We’ve also print a very small run of 10 AP based on the regular version with sparkling glitter on them.
Take a look at the blog so You’ll know when they’ll be on sale.

And please, remember that the Earth poster will go on sale this friday.
Here’s a better pic:

It’ll be on our webstore on friday and we’re receiving a lot of requests for it, it seems You liked it!
Great, cause this one too is a badass in person:-)

Ok, time to say goodbye.
Well, goodnight:-)

Watched Rango, tonight. It was fun!

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