I’m gonna write a quick post to show You the black ink on the regular Phenomena (Creepers) poster.
As You know, this is the third print of the Argento serie and it’ll go on sale on Dark City Gallery webstore on the 15th of March.
So, let’s go with the pics

This counts 175 times for the regular and 75 times for the variant…

We’re very happy about it.
The idea of the face of Jennifer coming out from the insects was intriguing us a lot.
And we forgot the monkey, when we send the preview to Ross, at Dark City Gallery.
So he asked for it to be in the poster.
And we put it on the trees, obviously:-)

This is the variant on sliver paper.
A detail below to understand better

And tomorrow the last color on the variant edition!

Listening to the Soft Moon right now

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