I’ve got a discussion with my dentist today.
I want my fake grinding teeth to be gold and she says nobody uses them anymore.
So I said “who cares”?
I like them gold.
Like rappers… You know, we like Cristal too…

Anyway, who cares about my teeth?
I could ask You what You think, we could do a poll about gold, ceramic or crumb teeth… but, let’s talk about something else.

Today we’ve also printed the 500 front cover of the limited edition of ORO.
Damn, it’s been a rad work, I feel like Stallone now… yes, old too if it’s what You mean with that grin…

We’re here for the second color of the Phenomena (Creepers) print.
Let’s go with the pics:

So, it’s all for now.

Tomorrow You’ll see the regular version finished and the variant too.
And then, on the 15th they’ll be on sale.

Goooooood night
Watched “Fracture” tonight.
Nice one

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  1. Awesome Print!
    Are these going to be on sale on your site? or through Dark City Gallery?

  2. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    My dad had gold teeth . He sold em in Mexico City . Viva MEXICO !!!!!!!!!

  3. dentist san jose…

    […]Wreckage « Malleus' Blog[…]…

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