Sunday’s gone

It’s the end of the day, I’m ready to share with You some thoughts while drinking a herbal tea.
Not very rock’n’roll to be honest.
Or maybe too much r’n’r’… stop with the alcohol legends and let’s start with the tisane new age…
In the meantime, my cat is diggin’ like hell in her litter, preparing herself to ruin the nice relaxing time I’m having here…
Not that I’m writing You from the litter, but it’s quite disturbing.
So, the atmosphere is totally gone.
It’s been a nice Sunday, working on some drawings, reading some pages (I’m on “The Centenarian who climbed out of the window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson), I had a walk and bought chocolate (and it’s cool, there’s a sort of choco-day here in my deadtown, lots of choco-artisans) and then, thanks to Lu, I hit the “Invisible Children” project.
And I want to share it with You.
Please, take Your time and watch this video below:


It’s great, times are changing and I’m curious to see how this will evolve and if they’ll put their hands on Kony.
It’d be a great moment in history for sure.
So, please, spread this as much as You can.

In the meantime, it’s time for more trivial matters…
Well, compared to the real problems around.
Damn, You know when You’re talking to someone and You realize You’ve just said something wrong?
Then You’ve to get back on what You were saying before trying to justify and change the sense of Your words?
Well, I feel like this right now.
I know, I could just erase it, but I like to discuss with You of this problem that is struggling in my mind…
Now, You’ll think that the argument I want to talk You about is useless.
But it’s not, it’s  a very nice thing and what I meant is that it’s not important for the evolution of mankind, not like the seize of a mass murder criminal like Kony.
But in our “normal” lives, it’s a cool and ambitious project.
Damn, I could simply erase it… it’s getting boring… ahahah

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, after this boring essay of nonsense, we’re proud to present You the printing process of the upcoming 3rd poster of the Dario Argento serie we’re working with the UK based Dark City Gallery.
Hear Ye!
We’re talking about a movie of 1985, it’s called Phenomena and in its cut US version it was Creepers.
It’s a movie starring Jennifer Connelly, a very very young Jennifer Connelly.
And there’s the infamous “child of Phenomena”, a character my best friend at school and I used to call to describe the less beautiful girl in our class…
Damn, this should be a secret… I’m totally fucked up… this herbal tea is dangerous for my mind…

Apart from this new poster will be on sale on Dark City Gallery website form next thursday.
Let’s go with the first color.

This first color is a “browny silver” ink.
The regular version of the prints (175 pieces) is on light cream paper and the variant version (75 pieces) is on silver paper.

Ok, more coming very soon!

Watched “Young Adults” tonight.
Very nice movie, Diablo Cody is great and Charlize Theron is  totally cool!

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  1. Funny thing – yesterday I read about kony in my (left-wing) newspaper… and not for the first time. Reading your ramblings somehow reminded me of Chomsky’s “Manifacturing Consent”! In a positive way! :)
    I won’t comment on this whole social media thing since I think this will implode SOON (in the next two or three years)! Being on the Internet for 18 years now… saw lots of ideas coming and going!

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