I’m listening to “Watchfire” of Neurosis right now.
It’ s a song from “A sun that never sets”.
It’s totally evocative and it creates an incredible  atmosphere, while looking at the pictures of the amazing Uk photographer Ellen Rogers.
An incredible  union of arts.

We’ve just finished to print the third poster of the Dario Argento serie.
I can tell You the title in the italian version started with the “P” while in the english version started with “C”.
I can tell You the main actress is very very known and she started very young.
I can tell You there’re a lot of animals and that we printed a run on light brown paper and one on silver paper.
I can tell You we’ll started in showing You pictures very soon.
But first, c’mon, try to guess what we are talking about!

In the meantime we’re printing the poster for Earth for their gig in Leuven on the 14th of March.
It’ll be a 6 colors poster and we’ve done the first 2 today.
Yes, it’s true.
We’re working like Donkeys and I must tell You I like it, it’s great when You’ve Your mind set up on things and You don’t have to loose time boring Yourself too much.

There’s a red and an iridescent pink.
Skin and hairs.

And more will come soon!

This is the song I was talking about :-)

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  1. Me thinks it is “Phenomena” w/ Jennifer Connelly.

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