Caracol done!

We’ve finished the printing process of the brand new Caracol poster.
And we’ve already shipped them to Canada.
They’ll be on sale during the tour probably and on her webstore.
We won’t have them on sale, we only printed 125 copies of it and we just saved the ones for our beloved subscribers and for ourselves.
I mean for us, the three of Malleus.
Here’s some shots of the final poster

last color was a white snow.

We’re very happy with this new print, it closes a triad.
It’s been really great to work with Carole!

Nice, isn’t it?

Apart from the regular edition, we printed a very limited Art Print run of 28 pieces.
It closes a triad too, after Inverno and Neve, it comes Even.
It’s printed on a metallic, canvas styled paper.

Difficult to see on pics, but please, go closer to the monitor and look carefully.

And colors are so cool on it!

If You touch these prints, You’ll feel the atmosphere of it, snow is out of it, the silver fog too.
It’s like the colors are embossed!
And this is how it looks like

A few copies will go on sale on the next days, so keep an eye at our webstore.
It’ll be next week, don’t worry!

Have a great weekend

Watched this.
I like Ryan Gosling a lot. As an actor, don’t worry:-)

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