29’s gone

Now we’ll have to wait other 4 years to see another 29.
But, if it’s true the World is gonna end, this has been the last one.
Damn, it’d be a pity.
Could Maya choose 2112?
So I’d be totally dead and gone and no problems anymore.
Nope, 2012, in the middle of my life, when I’m starting in appreciating it, while I’m having fun…
Well, at least 2050… in the middle?
Ok, sorry.
I was meant to present You some new steps in the printing process of the new Caracol print and I rambled on…

We did a silver as You can barely see in this picture above.
Then black came to define the entire drawing better.

Maybe closer?

This is also the design of the upcoming album and EP of Caracol.
Totally linked to the previous design, we get closer to the woman on the lake that was on the cover of the previous “Blanc Mercredì” and that we printed on “Neve”.
Do You remember?
What have You done in the last months?
You didn’t pay attention!

This one:

Ok, some more shots now

Ok, curious to see it done?
One color left and then we’ll also show You the Art Prints we’ve worked on.

Caracol brand new video: Blanc Mercredì !

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  1. Your blog posts are awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to make these! I genuinely appreciate seeing the process, and reading your thoughts. Looks like I’ll be restoring a Profondo Rosso set soon, (damaged in shipping) and I can’t wait! I already have mine so I can test your inks and see what problems that variant glitter will make for me. :)

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