Ready to go?

It’s a massive working period right now.
Time is really really tight and we’ve got a lot to do, so not so much time to keep You posted on the blog.
But I’ll try to do my best from now on to be here and run the blog at its best.
What happened?
Are You ok?
All good?
Warm, cold?
We’re ok, thanks.

We’re preparing a lot of new prints, we’ve just started the new and third Caracol print, we’re ready to print the films for the third poster of the Argento serie, then we’ve Earth for their Belgian show on the way (we did the offset print, so now it’s time for silkscreening), then another print for the 25 years of Bloom (we did one for their 20 years, remember?), a new Melvins/Unsane print, then Mudhoney and many many more…
In the meantime we’ve become crazy with a loto of photo sessions for Ufomammut, the new album release is approaching and we’re doing all these things.
Damn, it’s been a nightmare and I noticed how ugly  and old I am… wow, too many photos in a week…
I’ll show You some soon.

And we’re working at the vinyl version of OrO (the new Ufomammut album) too.
Finally, we had terribles headache working on the cover art of the new and fantastic album of I.C.O.
This is the final result:

Is it good?

And, as I told You, here’s the first color of the third Caracol poster.
As for the previous ones, we’re working on a regular edition that will go on Caracol webstore and on a AP version.
So, stay tuned for more details!

This will be the image of the upcoming “Shiver”, a new album including new material.
Carol asked us for a design strictly related and close to the previous one for “Blanc Mercredì”, and You’ll see what we mean.

Have a good day.
More coming soon

Listening a lot to Hexvessel.
Very cool

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